SonaMobile releases bbTV beta: Download inside

SonaMobile releases bbTV beta: Download inside


BlackBerry users have been itching for this for quite some time now, and while they aren’t quite ready for a commercial release just yet, the beta version of bbTV from SonaMobile is now available for download. It’s not exactly streaming video; instead, you download short (usually less than 2 minute) video clips.

The initial availability will only be to Canadian customers, specifically those on the Rogers network (although they do mention that it should work on Telus BlackBerry handsets as well). At this time, bbTV beta only works on select 8700 and 7130 models, though they plan on adding more handsets to that list in the near future.

The CanWest content includes everything from Canadian news and finance to sports updates (SportsNet) and International reports. The daily news coverage is put together by Global National. A 1-2 minute clip will take you 3-5 minutes to download.

The monthly fee, when bbTV officially launches on Rogers Wireless, is only $5 including all associated data charges.

Without further ado, here are the links to the beta downloads. Enjoy!
Paid Download Link
Special Free Link