Flame 5 jacket heats up when your phone rings

Flame 5 jacket heats up when your phone rings


When you’re in a quiet environment — a business meeting, movie theatre, or the awkward silences at dinner with the in-laws — you don’t want to have your custom ringtone busting out at full blast. So, you discretely turn on your phone’s “vibrate” function. But even that makes a bit of a noticeable buzz.

To get super discrete and avoid rings, vibrations, and flashing lights all together, you may want to look into the Flame 5 Bluetooth jacket, which heats up when you receive a call or message. I would think that the change has to be quite intense for you to notice it right away, though.

The alert is meant to be more “calm” and “sensual”, but what’s interesting is that you can program which part of the jacket heats up, depending on who is sending you that all important SMS text message.

No word on pricing or availability.