Earmecca combines earrings and earphones

Earmecca combines earrings and earphones


Do your earphones get in the way of your earrings? Do you have trouble deciding which you would rather wear? Now you don’t have to, thanks to Earmecca.

They are typical bud earphones, but they also feature an earring-style attachment which clips onto your earlobe. That way they can function as a fashion accessory, you clearly won’t get your earphones and earrings tangled, and they will stay in place better than plain earbuds alone.

Variety is a part of fashion, so these earphones — called the EP Series — come in a variety of styles. You can choose from 10 different models, including hearts, stars, crosses or pearls. You can even get the earrings in real gold or silver if that’s what you feel you need. The earpiece itself is covered with silicon for a comfortable fit.

The EP Series is available in Korea. No word on if they will expand outside those borders or what they cost.