Cornice unveils tiny new 12GB hard drive

Cornice unveils tiny new 12GB hard drive


Hard drive makers keep trying to make storage solutions that are smaller and more durable. Cornice has a new entry in the race with their fifth generation small form factor hard drives.

This drive is the smallest yet for Cornice, measuring just 40 x 30 x 3.5-4.75 mm and weighing just 11.5 grams, which is very small for a package with 12GB of capacity. Storage is meaningless, of course, if it is a power vacuum. This model is very easy on your battery, though, using just 5% of the battery power of the device in which it is installed.

The biggest knock against hard drives has been that they are fragile, but this offering from Cornice is durable enough to withstand the abuse of driving, running and — apparently — even skydiving.

The drive will be available to managers by the end of this quarter for $85 each in lots of 10,000 units.