Skipping work? Your mobile phone will tattle on you

Skipping work? Your mobile phone will tattle on you


If you want to leave work during the day, you’d better leave your mobile phone behind. You never know when your boss might be doing a spy number on you.

Trisent, a company based in Scotland, has released a new system called Trilocator, which allows employers to track their workers’ mobile phone locations using satellite technology. “Where you are, that’s where your cell phone is.” That’s the theory, anyway, since most people are so protective of their mobile chat devices that they won’t let them out of sight, even during trips to the restroom. As long as you have that mobile phone switched on, your boss can find where you are.

Privacy proponents and civil libertarians are up in arms, of course, claiming that such accessibility can easily lead to abuse or, worse, stalking. Ironically, laws preventing such mobile phone tracking were relaxed three months ago in Britain, in large part to pave the way for a child-tracking service that will debut next week.

Trisent insists that the service does not work when an employee’s phone is turned off and that employers will have to abide by certain rules and conditions in order to continue to use the service.