Philips SBA1500 speakers: trendy, portable, crystal clear

Philips SBA1500 speakers: trendy, portable, crystal clear


It’s not USB, but it sure is portable. You’re looking at a trendy new pair of speakers from Philips that are designed to get up and go… as well as pump up the jam.

The SBA1500 portable speaker system plugs in to a 3.5mm output slot and can poach on an MP3 player’s power or use its own batteries. You’ll be happy with the result, assuming that you like revved-up bass pipe and crystal-clear sound coming out of an integrated amplifier, with the whole thing the size of a baseball.

Another selling point is its portability, not just its size but also its functional portability: You can clip the speakers to the amplifier and store it in your favorite laptop bag of messenger bag for easy travel.

You won’t be able to get one right away, since they’re not on the market yet. Check back with Philips in a few weeks.