iFrog: eminently portable one-handed Bluetooth keypad

iFrog: eminently portable one-handed Bluetooth keypad


Some keyboards do more with less. The iFrog is one of those.

The latest offering from FrogPad, the iFrog is a portable one-handed keypad that operates via Bluetooth and impersonates a full QWERTY keyboard while sporting an “incomplete” set of letters.

It’s extremely portable at just 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It features the 15 most-used letters in the English alphabet, in addition to other important keys like Space, Tab, and Number. The company also wants you to know that the iFrog was also designed with ergonomics in mind.

In case you’re wondering, the company has stats to back up its assertion that this is a fast-moving keyboard option. Top speeds are said to be up to 20 words a minute—once you get used to the placement of the keys, of course.