BlackBerry 8100 “Stealth” unearthed

BlackBerry 8100 “Stealth” unearthed


Some may call it the “Stealth”, but here is the BlackBerry 8100 in the flesh (or plastic and metal, I suppose) for all of you to see. In addition to the usual PIM and push email stuff, this BlackBerry’s got a camera, microSD for expansion, EDGE for data, and it will even keep you entertained when you’re doing all your business-related tasks thanks to the integrated media player.

You’ll notice that they didn’t opt for a full QWERTY keyboard for the Stealth. Much to the dismay of many a die-hard user, the 8100 comes with SureType. It also appears to depart from the trademark scroll wheel, with some sort of navigational pad (joystick? Sidekick3-like trackball?) in the center taking its place.

Destined for Cingular in November (or so we hear), the Stealth also appears to be heading over to Catherine Zeta-Jones and friends over at T-Mobile, possibly even beating the orange goop of a mascot to the punch (as evidenced by the T-Mo branding in the provided pictures). No word on pricing.