KTF K-ways WIDE for DMB, navigation, video and more

KTF K-ways WIDE for DMB, navigation, video and more


We may not quite be ready for this kind of device on our side of the Pacific, but if you cross the pond into tech-savvy Asia, you’ll find toys aplenty. The latest is the K-ways WIDE being offered by KTF, a device featuring plenty of functionality from video viewing and music listening to navigating the confusing streets of Seoul. In fact, it even supports KBS TPEG service for real-time traffic.

Featuring an LCD with 4.3-inches, 16 million colors, and a “swing folder design”, the K-ways WIDE has plenty of functionality to fill up its 2 gigabytes of on-board memory. The graphic user interfaces give you access to DMB reception, video playback, music, and even games. No word on battery life, but you should get enough juice from the rechargeable lithium-ion unit found inside.

Traffic information is updated through the TPG service every five minutes, providing dynamic navigation while on the road.