Hyunwon BOXON MP3 player also does VoIP

Hyunwon BOXON MP3 player also does VoIP


Talk about convergence devices. You have probably never heard of Hyunwon before this post — I know I haven’t — but the Korean manufacturer certainly has something interesting going on with its BOXON MP3 player, as the tiny little gadget adds VoIP into the fray.

While it clearly isn’t a mobile phone, when you connect the BOXON to your internet-connected PC, it will automatically launch a VoIP program to allow you to chat with your friends across the street, across the nation, or halfway across the world. While connected, you’ll be able to “share text, music, photo and video clips [with] each other.”

On the MP3 playing side of things, the Hyunwon BOXON throws down a “1.71-inch full color OLED display that offers wide and brighter display than regular MP3P.” Personally, I’ve always had trouble reading OLEDs in bright sunshine.

The BOXON doesn’t even stop there, adding in e-book reading, video playing, photo viewing, and even an English-Korean dictionary.