Pink is in again at Nissan: Micra C+C

Pink is in again at Nissan: Micra C+C


Nissan knows when it has a hit on its hands. The popular automaker has committed to manufacture another 175 of the Micra C+C Pink cars. A version of the 1.6 Sport, the C+C Pink bounced on the market in March and quickly sold out of its initial run of 100.

It’s not just the pink, although that is a prime draw. The top comes off in just 22 seconds, folding away in the trunk so you don’t have to mess with it again until you’re ready to call it a day. Other features combine to make this model a sporty, trendy roadster. Asking price is 14,495 GBP (US$27,222).

Nissan is also offering substantial savings on the Micra Sport SR, to the tune of 1000 pounds (US$1877). Standard features on this model include a 6-CD changer, automatic lights and wipers, and side curtain airbags. You don’t normally get those things on any old standard econobox.