Pantech unveils IM-R100 PMP phone

Pantech unveils IM-R100 PMP phone


It’s not enough to have a cell phone these days. You need to have lots of extra functionality thrown into the mix to set you apart from the competition, as well as a form factor that elicits a significant amount of “oohs” and “aahs”. Pantech & Curitel’s latest offering looks a little chunky by today’s standards, but the IM-R100 has some pretty beefy functions to back it up.

To be sold under the Pantech-owned “SKY” premium brand, the IM-R100 comes with a fairly standard 2 megapixel camera, but it’s also got some rather advanced personal media player (PMP) functions to go with the microSD expansion slot, imbedded dictionary, and several other goodies.

The IM-R100 has got to have one of the most complicated form factors I’ve ever seen though, as the keypad slides out from the bottom, while the display can rotate to provide the landscape orientation best suited to video viewing (though there’s no DMB TV tuner inside).