Nokia hits the links with N93 Golf Edition

Nokia hits the links with N93 Golf Edition


As if the garden variety N93 portable “multimedia computer” wasn’t enough to whet your whistle, those of you who love nothing more than spending an afternoon driving balls and putting around greens will be so much more tempted to pick one up. Nokia has just announced the N93 Golf Edition, which takes the standard super-clamshell and adds in some great golf software that might actually cut a few strokes out of your game.

Making use of the phones integrated 3.2 megapixel camera, you record your swing and let the phone (in tandem with your computer) analyze your golf game. After a good videotaping session, you plug the phone into your computer, boot up Nokia’s Pro Session Golf, and learn from your mistakes.

Of course, the Golf Edition comes with all the same features you’ve been drooling over in a regular Nokia N93. Some extra bonuses include a 1GB miniSD memory card, a golf instruction DVD, and a “Get Started” guide. The N93 Golf Edition is available now through Nokia’s official website.