Top Gear hits up the track with Noble M15 supercar

Top Gear hits up the track with Noble M15 supercar


“Noble, when they came along seven years ago, our first thought was: Oh dear, here we go again, another small British sports car firm that’s going to disappoint its bank manager.” My, how our perception of this company has changed.

They started with the M10 and the M12, and now they’re offering their third car, the M15. The M15 is “brand new” with a new interior, chassis, and body. In addition to its exotic looks, this mid-engined beast of a car certainly has the powerful jump to back it up, as well as a price tag to match. Richard Hammond of Top Gear gets behind the wheel of the 450hp supercar in the video below.

Boasting 455 lbs-ft of torque, the “brilliant” blue wonder demolishes the 0-60 run in a mere 3.9 seconds before topping off at 196 glorious miles per hour. All that power — from a twin-turbo V6 no less — doesn’t come cheap, of course, with an asking price of £74,950, or about US$130,000. Hey, still cheaper than those Lambos on the market.