George Foreman iGrill glows, is USB-powered

George Foreman iGrill glows, is USB-powered


George Foreman is branching out… again.

He was a boxer (quite a good one, actually), then he was a showman, then he made grills. Now, he has lent his name to the iGrill, which serves as a storage device, food information despository, and temperature sensor.

It’s actually quite technical. To start, hook it up to an Internet-enabled PC via the USB 2.0 plug, and then click on in to the Web-based cooking interface for a job well done.

You can download a recipe and enter all kinds of data, including the type of food, how much food you are cooking, and the cooking temperature. After that, simply sit back and watch as the-little-USB-engine-that-could glows and increases in brightness until it’s time to take the food off the fire.

This isn’t just any USB convenience, and it’s priced accordingly: The George Foreman iGrill is available now for US$99.99.