Elekson rolls up your keyboard

Elekson rolls up your keyboard


When you’re on-the-go, you can now just take your keyboard with you. That is, if you have one of these foldable fabric keyboards from Eleksen.

It’s a full laptop-sized QWERTY keyboard, which is designed for use with smartphones, PDAs, and other portable electronic devices that would otherwise require you to wear out your thumb on a too-small-for-school keypad.

The keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled and is compatible with BlackBerries, Treos, and Nokia and Microsoft smartphones, among other devices. It can be rolled up or folded up, and stored in any laptop bag or purse.

The fabric is the company’s own creation, an electro-conductive fabric touch pad that has heretofore been used as a wearable interface by members of the military and space communities.

Initial pricing is supposed to be 40 pounds, or US$75.