Digital voice recorder keeps, sorts your utterances

Digital voice recorder keeps, sorts your utterances


It looks like a TV remote, but the Speed-Link PDR-3 is actually a digital voice recorder (or if the model number is any indication, perhaps it’s “personal digital recorder”).

It has a wide range of functionality, including recording up to 198 voice messages and storing them in two folders, which you can search through using a scrolling message system. These messages are stored as AMR files, which can be converted to WAVs and then even transferred to a PC or MP3 player. You can even transfer your phone messages to the recorder and listen to them at your leisure.

An earphone is also included for private playback. The memory is Flash, and you can get one in 4-, 8-, or 16-hour capacity. The prices go up the ladder from US$46 to US$65 to US$80. Click here for more on the Speed-Link PDR-3 Digital Voice Recorder.