Canon’s first hi-def camcorder is hi-quality

Canon’s first hi-def camcorder is hi-quality


Canon is entering the HD camcorder market with a bang.

The iVIS HV10 is a hi-def camera that can show and shoot at a resolution of 1920×1080 (which, for those playing at home, is much higher than Sony’s best, 1440×1080). The HD lens has a full-on digital zoom, capable of capturing images within a range of 10x to 200x. One thing you might not like if you’re a coloring purist is that the CMOS image sensors shoot in RGB primary colors, as opposed to the more traditional CMYK. Chances are, though, that the quality of your images will make up for this.

In addition to the consumer-friendly auto focus, the camcorder also packs a powerful function called Optical Image Stabilization. Something usually found only on professional cameras, this function combines gyro- and image-sensors to make sure that no matter how fast your target (or your hands) are moving, your shots will look nice and steady.

PC connection is done via USB 2.0 and Firewire protocols, and the company says you won’t lose video or audio quality in the process. One other thing to note: You might want to include the miniSD Memory Card option, to ensure that you can save all those images without having to delete anything.

Canon says this model will be out next month, with an expected price tag of about US$1,280.