Samsung SCH-V940 comes with 1GB on-board memory

Samsung SCH-V940 comes with 1GB on-board memory


Here’s something you don’t see everyday: an orange phone. Okay, so the new SCH-V940 from Samsung will also be offered in the more standard black, white, and silver casings as well, but who can resist the uniqueness of having a cell phone the same color as a tangerine.

On the spec sheet side of things, this (likely) slim slider comes with most of the stuff you’d expect from Korea’s largest cell phone maker. It’s got a bright TFT LCD display of undisclosed size, an integrated camera (though it’s only 1.3 megapixels, which is a shame really), and a built-in media player. There’s no mention of an expansion slot, but with a full gig of internal memory, you don’t really need one anyways. After all, that’s as big as microSD cards come these days.

No word on pricing and availability, but my best guess has the SCH-V940 as a Korea-only launch anyways. Prove me wrong, Samsung… please, prove me wrong.