MediaGear HD2GO stores pictures, plays music and videos

MediaGear HD2GO stores pictures, plays music and videos


Here’s another one of those devices that apparently seems geared toward the shutterbugs in the audience, but has enough extra functionality to easily place it among the PMPs of the world. The HD2GO from MediaGear is being marketed as a Digital Photo Storage and Viewer Unit for stashing your pictures on the go, but it also supports music and video playback on its 3.6-inch color display.

With a 20GB hard drive under the hood, the HD2GO has enough storage space for over 10,000 digital photos or up to 25 hours of decent quality video. The MediaGear HD2GO is best suited for users with cameras that take Compact Flash cards as that appears to be the only media that this device will take, but there is a USB port if you want to take that route (not sure if the HD2GO can serve as a USB Host). Battery life sits at about 4.5 hours of video or 15 hours of audio based on a full five-hour charge.

Expect the MediaGear HD2GO to hit shelves in September with an asking price of $295.95.