Loc8tor finds lost items wirelessly

Loc8tor finds lost items wirelessly


Modern technology makes certain things possible. For instance, you don’t have to tie a string around your finger anymore if you want to remember something. You can use the Loc8tor.

The Loc8tor is a handheld device that can help you track anything, as long as you’ve tagged that thing with a wireless transmitter. The tag is about the size of your thumb, so it can fit in a wallet or purse, a shoebox, a gym bag, or anything else you might carry with you. Tags can also be attached to key rings and, if you wish, mobile electronic devices.

The range is 600 feet. You get two tags to start with, but you can certainly order more, up to 24 for registration with one tracking device.

One thing the company can’t do is find the Loc8tor itself. If you lose that one, you’re on your own… unless you tagged it so that it can be found with another Loc8tor device.

You can get one of these trackers here for just £60, which is about US$112.