Elecom Ear Drops: Faux bling headphones

Elecom Ear Drops: Faux bling headphones


It’s funny, really, because when we see the latest Nokia Vertu phone or the even Jaren Goh’s $300,000 Black Diamond, we drool at the bling and wish we had that kind of money to waste on something so trivial. Then, something more affordable like the Elecom Ear Drops earbuds pop up and everyone scoffs at its cheap, crystal appearance. After all, it’s not real bling.

They’re more fashion accessory than actual music listening device, and that might be their appeal to the pre-teen set. Too afraid to get your ears pierced? No worries; just dangle some gems from your new Elecom crystal-encrusted Ear Drops.

No word on pricing, but we fully expect these to be hitting junior high schools any day now.