iBrella deflects rain, controls iPod

iBrella deflects rain, controls iPod


This is certainly an interesting idea. The iBrella is no ordinary iPod accessory, although it certainly is capitalizing on the lower-case ‘i’ cash cow. If the iBrella becomes a reality, you will no longer need to reach into your pocket to change tracks on your iPod. All you need to do is give the iBrella a little spin.

Doubling as an umbrella (as you can probably guess), the iBrella acts as a simple iPod remote. You won’t find any buttons, switches, or dials on this device. Instead, when you open the iBrella, the iPod will react by starting to play your music. Not happy with the current song? No problem. Just give the umbrella a simple spin to the left or right to skip tracks forwards or backwards.

This sounds like a great invention for people living in rainier climes, like here in the Pacific Northwest. Best of all, it allows you to keep at least one hand free to send that all important text message on your cell phone.