GPS-capable MTP850 is more ruggedness from Motorola

GPS-capable MTP850 is more ruggedness from Motorola


I find it a little amusing that the two things that Motorola seems to do best are on completely different ends of the spectrum. You have your stylish, slim RAZRs, SLVRS, KRZRs, and RIZRs, but at the same time, you get about as rugged as it gets with the iDEN line and today, with the MTP850 TETRA radio with built-in GPS.

Obviously, this handset is not designed to be used by city folk on their daily commute to the downtown office. Instead, the MTP850 is perfect for workers “in the field”, often trodding on paths not yet paved. This is where the GPS functionality kicks in, enabling users to identify their location to within 10 metres (95% accuracy).

That said, this TETRA radio still throws down much of what you’d expect from a standard cell phone, including regular telephony, SMS, and even mobile web via WAP. This is far from being the smallest handset on the market, though, at 250 grams with standard battery, measuring 125 x 50 x 37.5mm.