BenQ Bluetooth speaker provides hi-fi MP3 playback

BenQ Bluetooth speaker provides hi-fi MP3 playback


BenQ does Bluetooth speakers.

The company’s latest entry in the popular wireless audio market is the IMS-100, a portable speaker that can help your MP3 player blossom into a hi-fi system. (You can hook it up to a CD player as well, if you still have one of those.)

Other applications including PC speaker boosts (with the included cable) and a whole new way of lisening to tunes on your mobile phone. Separate bass- and stereo-upgrading features give you extra fine sound quality, which you’ll especially appreciate if you are using the speaker to facilitate a conference call.

How big is it, you ask? Well, it’s not your uncle’s boom box, that’s for sure. This speaker weighs in at only 270 grams and is 180mm x 80mm x 40mm. That small enough to be portable yet large enough to be noticed.