Memorex offers iPod video watching in flip-up package

Memorex offers iPod video watching in flip-up package


Another day, another iPod accessory. While we love the fact that the iPod video has so much storage capacity, it can be quite the pain squinting all the time, trying to watch movies on that tiny little screen. Memorex has now come along with the iFlip, a dock for the fifth-gen iPod that blows up the picture on much bigger display. The flip-up LCD is a whopping 8.4 inches, a substantial upgrade from the 2.5 inches found on the Apple.

Of course, there are integrated speakers to help you fill the room with your tunes and movie sounds, but if you want to keep it private, there is a pair of headphone jacks to be enjoyed as well. The included lithium-ion battery will give you about five hours of playback, and the tilting iPod dock makes for easy controlling (the iFlip doesn’t have any controls of its own other than for contrast, brightness, etc.).

Other key specs include a native 480 x 234 resolution, S-video out, and line out. Look for the Memorex iFlip to hit shelves in the middle of September with an asking price of around $200.