LG lightweight LW25-EV laptop comes with EVDO

LG lightweight LW25-EV laptop comes with EVDO


Summer means that it’s time to hit up the beach for some volleyball, or maybe you’re the type that likes to sip on umbrella drinks on the side of the pool. In any case, LG is hoping that you want to take your work with you on your summer adventures, bringing their new LW25-EV laptop along for the ride. It’s got integrated 3G EV-DO high-speed data to keep you connected, no matter where you are.

The spec sheet is enough to sell me on this product, but LG feels compelled to throw in some pretty girls in bikinis to convince me even further. Akihabara News is calling this the perfect notebook for this summer. Maybe so, as the LW25-EV throws down a Core Duo T2400 processor, a full gig of DDR RAM, GeForce Go 7300 for graphics, and a built-in DMB TV tuner, in addition to the aforementioned EV-DO.

As the display is only 12.1-inches, this is quite the compact package, barely tipping the scales at 1.1 kilograms. Pretty darn light.