Fhybrid hydrogen and Li-ion scooter

Fhybrid hydrogen and Li-ion scooter


Fhybrid may be a hard word to pronounce, but the new hydrogen and Li-ion scooter won’t be hard on the pocketbook when it comes time to visit the fuel pump.

The Fhybrid is a prototype scooter designed by Crijn Bouman, an industrial design student at Delft University of Technology. The scooter runs on an electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery. That battery, in turn, is recharged by a fuel cell system which draws its energy from a tank of hydrogen. That’s the theory anyway – the current prototype just uses a simulated fuel cell. Bouman was unable to develop the expertise and get the permits to build an actual hydrogen engine in time for the project.

The scooter is front wheel drive, which allows for the energy from braking to be captured more efficiently and used for charging. The prototype would top out at about 40mph, and would be able to travel 124 miles on a tank of hydrogen. It would be great for drag racing, since it would be able to accelerate faster than a typical scooter. Of course, who goes drag racing in a scooter anyways…