Zune gets teaser commercial, receives FCC approval?

Zune gets teaser commercial, receives FCC approval?


Granted, you have to take this report with a grain of salt, but it sure is one juicy morsel for you to much on. We recently heard Microsoft going on the record to confirm that they are working on the Zune project, but it seems they are much closer to launch that we anticipated. They’ve filed for a whole lot of confidentiality requests, but a Microsoft product has recently gone through the FCC approval process, and this device is a “wireless transceiver.”

We already know that the “Zune” is designed to be a direct competitor against the iPod from Apple, except Billy Gates and friends are throwing in Wi-Fi connectivity into the mix to allow for through-the-air wireless downloads. According to the pages found on the FCC website, this unnamed Microsoft device operates on frequencies between 2402 and 2466 MHz, thus falling under Section 15.249 of the FCC rules… the ones that govern the use of 802.11b WiFi.

A video has popped up on the internet as well, and it appears to be a teaser commercial for the Zune. Check it out below and decide for yourself: