Sony Reader delayed again

Sony Reader delayed again


If you are an avid reader, and you have been anxiously waiting for the Sony Reader to arrive to make your reading experience truly pleasurable, then you will have to practice some more patience. The Sony Reader had been delayed yet again, and likely won’t show up before the end of the year.

The reader looks much like a hardcover book, and will be paired closely with the CONNECT eBook store. This way, you have lots of content to buy for your machine, including 10,000 titles to start (think iPod and iTunes). It will hold about 80 books at one time and the batteries have enough life for 7,500 pages of reading on a single charge.

There is now word on why the Sony Reader has been delayed, but this isn’t the first time: it has to be a problem with performance or manufacturing. There have also been no specific hints as to the eventual retail price, something that will ultimately decide the success of the device. A higher price will remind people that they can get by without the reader.