Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP starts shipping today

Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP starts shipping today


Three-dimensional brawling has never been so good, and so portable. Those of you anticipating a fast-paced fist fight on the PSP need not wait any more because Tekken Dark Resurrection has officially started shipping as of today, July 25.

Personally, I couldn’t put Tekken 5 down after I discovered a little (well, not so little) character known as Raven, bearing a striking resemblance to a certain vampire slayer. The fighting is fast and furious as you participate in the Iron Fist (“Tekken”) Tournament.

In this portable rendition of the game, you’ll get to select from 30 characters, including such long time favourites as Jin, Heihachi, Paul, and Law. Best of all, Tekken Dark Resurrection for the PSP has full support for wireless fighting against other players! Other notable features include destructible objects throughout the 19 stages, customizable characters, and even bonus mini-games.

Tekken Dark Resurrection has a retail price, as you’d expect, of 40 bucks.