Sanyo MP3 mixer: Boombox links old, new

Sanyo MP3 mixer: Boombox links old, new


Well, who needs the new school when old-school tech still works? That’s Sanyo’s philosophy with this new boombox.

The main thing you see on this super-lightweight device is the speakers, which are impressive enough. But open the top to reveal the contents inside. You can play CDs, MP3s, and even (remember these?) cassettes.

What is truly impressive for the old-schooler, however, are the recording options. You can record MP3s to your Flash SD card, but you can also record on a cassette. The mix tape returns! Get out those old cassette players and dance the night away to new-tech music. We’d suggest using cassettes of the highest quality, too, if you can still find them.

Unfortunately, no word on pricing or availability at this time.