Panasonic unveils DMW SDP1 HDTV Photo Player

Panasonic unveils DMW SDP1 HDTV Photo Player


From Panasonic comes an HDTV Photo Player, the DMW SDP1. You can use it as the bridge between your camera and your viewscreen, blowing up those pictures stored on SDHC cards.

The main thing about this photo player is that is super fast. A Linux Venus Engine III image-processing LSI powers it, making the interval between images as little as one second. That kind of speed will be expected from those used to viewing images in 1080i hi-def quality.

Video is a playback possibility as well, either as normal or wide-aspect VGA. You will also appreciate the print functionality, allowing you to access a PictBridge printer without having to leave the slideshow.

Best of all, you get a remote control, so you’re not running back and forth between the TV and the couch.