Hyundai unveils 2007/2008 Tiburon Coupe

Hyundai unveils 2007/2008 Tiburon Coupe


The spy shots have been slowing filtering through the internet the past couple of months, but now the Korean automaker has finally unveiled some official shots of their new entry-level sports car. Known simply as the “Coupe” overseas, the Hyundai Tiburon received a mild update for the 2007/2008 model years, cleaning up some of the lines and as a result — according to some, at least — providing for a more “timid” stance.

Personally, I think the new look, especially the profile, is reminiscent of the last-gen Toyota Celica (late 90s model). As much as I liked that look, what this means is that the design is fairly dated. In this way, the “redesign” is a little lacking, as most were hoping for a more radical change, rather than a minor change of the headlights and inclusion of Altezza-style tail lights.

The Asian and European launches should come a little later this year, with the North American release following shortly afterwards. Expect pricing to be much the same as the current Tiburon in the below-20k range.