Google Maps offering mobile traffic data

Google Maps offering mobile traffic data


Google has begun to offer live traffic maps that users can access on their mobile phones. Available in 30 U.S. cities, it’s an option on Google Maps for Mobile.

Once you select a city, you can choose “show traffic”. The maps will be shown with the roads in one of three colors depending on congestion – red means it is backed up, orange means you’re in for a bit of a wait, and green means you are good to go (straight-forward enough for you?). Google Maps will also use the traffic data to help calculate the best route for you if asked.

Besides the 30 cities with full service, there are an unspecified number of cities that offer some form of partial service. The service is only available in American cities, though, so Torontonians and Vancouverites will just have to figure it out for themselves. This service is a win for Google in their war with Yahoo: the latter offers traffic info on their website maps, but has not yet made it mobile.