Ford needs SUV buyers, slashes prices by $4,300

Ford needs SUV buyers, slashes prices by $4,300


You may find it hard to believe, but consumers seem less interested in buying a Ford Expedition SUV now that they have to take out a second mortgage every month just to buy gas, since the 5.4 Liter Triton V8 is not exactly dainty.

Sales have flattened, so Ford has (desperately?) responded by slashing the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. 2007 prices will be an average of $4,300 lower than they were for the same models in 2006. The company proudly trumpets that the vehicle now starts below $30,000, though the $29,995 price barely qualifies. From that low, prices will rise up to $40,745 for the full-featured choice. That compares to the 2006 range of $33,480 to $44,460.

Besides the new price, the Expedition is also sporting a new look. The exterior was inspired by the Ford F-Series trucks, and it is an improvement over previous models. It also has a newly redesigned interior which can seat up to nine.