Anti-hijack software controls planes from the ground

Anti-hijack software controls planes from the ground


Getting hijacked while on a plane enroute to the sunny beaches of Florida would put a damper on your holiday, wouldn’t it? Thankfully, some software is being developed by 30 European businesses and institutes that would help to avoid the situation.

The anti-hijack software lets officials regain control of the aircraft from the ground and direct it to an airport, whether the bad guys want to go there or not. So far, $45 million has been spent on the project. The European Commission has kicked in more than $20 million, with Airbus, Siemens and the Technical University of Munich among the other partners.

Obviously one priority for the project is that a hacker on the plane or on the ground not be able to circumvent the system. Still, you have to wonder what would happen if the bad guys were to get their hands on the system – they could hijack a plane without ever leaving the ground, and they seemingly could even steer it somewhere other than the airport.