Sanyo DMP-M400SD MP3 player lacks internal memory

Sanyo DMP-M400SD MP3 player lacks internal memory


So you picked up the latest flash-based MP3 player with a full 2, 4, or maybe even 8 gigs of internal storage capacity? Feel like you’re on top of the portable music playing hill, but also feel that big dent in your pocketbook? Maybe you should have looked into the Sanyo DMP-M400SD instead, a new MP3 player that eschews built-in memory altogether. Instead, it has an SD expansion slot that’ll swallow up cards of up to 2GB in size.

This way, you can carry around the rather compact player, a handful of SD cards, and have — theoretically — infinite storage capacity in a portable music playing package. There aren’t a lot of features going on here, as you’d probably expect, but it gets the job done. The DMP-M400SD will accept the usual battery of MP3 and WMA files, including those of the DRM persuasion.

The simple backlit LCD is sadly just monochrome, but that does aid it keeping the battery life up at 12 hours on a single AAA battery. It’s nothing special, really, but the Sanyo DMP-M400SD digital audio player will only put you back sixty bucks, plus the cost of those SD cards of course.