MFC gets your motor running with Bluetooth

MFC gets your motor running with Bluetooth


Bluetooth isn’t just for your phone and your stereo anymore. The MFC (for Multi Function Controller) from Connect2Car lets you use Bluetooth to make your car do pretty much everything but stand up and dance.

It’s a black box that you install right in your car. The MFC interacts via Bluetooth with your phone, PDA or laptop using an encrypted connection, and through those devices, you can do up to eight different car functions, like remote starting on cold days, rolling the windows down, and even dropping the ragtop.

In other words, you can use your Bluetooth-friendly devices to have your car ready and waiting for you just like you like it when you want to hit the road. The outputs are fully programmable, so you can match the activity to the bells and whistles specific to your vehicle.

The MFC box, which measures just 5” x 3.75” x 1”, also has a serial interface, and it has a USB charger port, so you can charge your gadgets while you drive.