iLane email reader for your car

iLane email reader for your car


If you’ve ever wanted your email read to you while you’re driving down the road, this device is for you. It’s the iLane, and it’s designed for the mobile email user who wants to keep both hands on the wheel.

The device works with all of your Bluetooth-enabled handhelds by reading a brief summary of what’s in your Inbox and then responding to voice commands to read, forward, and even compose. You can so SMS as well.

Perhaps the most important feature, at least for those who are continually annoyed by spam (and who isn’t these days?) is the filtering option, which allows you to prioritize your email so that you can holler “Stop” long before it gets to the spam portion of the daily briefing.

iLane has not yet been officially released, which means that we don’t have pricing options on it either.