Om, sweet Om with Malibal Bodhi and Lotus laptops

Om, sweet Om with Malibal Bodhi and Lotus laptops


If you’re into the whole Zen, meditation, centering yourself business, then these new laptops from Malibal just might be for you. Dubbed the “Bodhi” and “Lotus”, these notebooks are ironically being offered through a manufacturer based out of Las Vegas, the most sinful city on the planet.

In any case, a Bodhi series laptop will sport a 14-inch WXGA GlassView LCD with resolutions of up to 1280 x 768, whereas the Lotus bumps that up to 15.4-inches of meditation video watching goodness. Much of the other specs on these fairly compact laptops are quite similar.

Powered by Intel’s Core Duo processors, the Bodhi and Lotus boast an Intel GMA 950 with 224MB of dynamic video memory, up to 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM, up to 120GB of storage from a Hitachi TravelStar HDD, and an 8x dual layer DVD burner from Toshiba. Other key features include an integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, integrated Creative PCMCIA SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS, 802.11g WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 4-in-1 memory card reader.

Prices start at around $1000.