Nokia 770 Internet tablet does Linux

Nokia 770 Internet tablet does Linux


It’s an Internet tablet and it doesn’t do Windows? Where can I get one?!

From Nokia comes the 770, a Linux-driven, Bluetooth-enabled tablet that can connect to the Net via a WLAN of the 802.11b or g variety. It’s certainly larger than than the largest smartphone, by a good bit, with a screen resolution of 800×480. It’s packed with applications (even though they are all independent of the Windows stranglehold on PC technology), including IM and VoIP cababilities.

The 770 is also a music player. You can use the onboard filing system or the buttons on the side to sift through your music collection. (Although you can’t take it all with you, you can store up to 1GB, with an extended virtual memory card). Internet radio is at your fingertips, as well as nearly every audio and video format.

The Nokia tablet comes standard with a slew of peripherals, including headphones and two stylus pens. One thing you’ll want to keep close is the mobile charger, since the battery has a browsing life of just three hours.