Nintendo fixes broken DS Lite hinges for free

Nintendo fixes broken DS Lite hinges for free


As I’m sure you’ve heard already, there’s a bad batch of Nintendo DS Lites out there, possibly representing a widespread manufacturing defect. One of the hinges on the smaller, brighter, “touching is good” gaming machine develops a crack with repeated use, and the dual-screened gaming community is in an uproar.

According to a recent poll by Kotaku, 14 percent of owners are affected, but Nintendo was quick to point out that only 0.02 percent of DS Lites have this problem (probably based only on specific, known cases). The big N says that this issue is purely cosmetic and does not affect the gaming system in any other way, but a little sleuthing from Kotaku has discovered that Nintendo just might fix your cracked DS Lite hinge for free after all.

Now, don’t go shipping off your new glossy white gamer for warranty repairs just yet. According to Brian Crecente of Kotaku, if you ask Nintendo, they’ll ship you out a UPS label and you send off your treasured DS Lite. They inspect it, and if they discover that the damage is not due to misuse, they’ll fix it.

Personally, I bought a DS Lite within the first couple weeks of release and have been playing it nearly non-stop (in between writing for Mobile Magazine, of course). No broken hinge here.