GM’s OnStar service receives upgrades, saves oil

GM’s OnStar service receives upgrades, saves oil


GM may be having some troubles financially, but at least OnStar is a success (though the company refuses to say if it is profitable). That service has 1.6 million subscribers that have signed up for the diagnostic e-mails alone. Those e-mails are just about to get fancier and filled with more information.

The e-mails will now include information like the level of emissions of the vehicle, how far there is remaining until the car needs another oil change, and whether your vehicle is capable of running on E85 fuel. The purpose of the service is to help subscribers improve their fuel efficiency.

OnStar suggests that as much as 100 million gallons of oil could be saved across the fleet per year if people followed the advice of their service. That’s largely because, in many cases, people get oil changes sooner (out of habit) than they need to. The service will also make it clear to users if the fuel efficiency of the vehicle were to fall.