FCC forces Sirius to pull some radios from shelves

FCC forces Sirius to pull some radios from shelves


Sirius has told some of the companies that make radios for them… to stop making them. The problem is that some models do not comply with FCC radio emission regulations. The governing body is reportedly reviewing some more Sirius products to see if they give off too much electronic interference. Despite the situation, Sirius is confident that their business will not be adversely affected.

Sirius is not alone in these problems either. XM faced the same situation with some of their radios. They pulled the offending models from the shelves and proposed changes to them to the FCC. The FCC rejected the proposed changes and the models are still not available yet.

Both companies have seen their stocks fall considerably since April, and this situation has to be partially blamed in both cases. It’s just another blow for two companies that seem to be fighting a losing battle with profitability. At least Howard Stern is making a lot of money.