Samsung SCH-B450 packs S-DMB, flips and rotates

Samsung SCH-B450 packs S-DMB, flips and rotates


What do you do when you can’t decide between a portrait and landscape orientation for your display? There are advantages to both, clearly, but you don’t want to feel restricted. Leave it to Samsung to solve this conundrum, as Korea’s largest cell phone maker has just unveiled the SCH-B450, an S-DMB handset that features a “free folder” design.

It flips open like any other clamshell, but can swivel a full 180 degrees to provide a “wide” display. In addition to the usual Korean ability to catch DMB entertainment on the go, the SCH-B450 also packs in Vibe Tonz, a 2.2-inch LCD, Bluetooth and games with 3D motion recognition.

There are plenty of other features on board as well, including Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera, integrated MP3 player, file viewer, mobile printing, and something called “my pet”, presumably a Tamagotchi-esque application.

On sale now along the streets of Seoul, the Samsung SCH-B450 retails for 600,000 KRW ($626 USD).