Refurbished iPods to come with bonuses

Refurbished iPods to come with bonuses


Apple’s not content with selling millions of new iPods every month. Now they want to sell thousands of refurbished ones as well. The company has started selling repaired and renewed models of their wildly popular media players. All of the refurbished models are Apple certified, have a limited one year warranty, and ship for free.

To make the less-than-new offerings more appealing, besides their lower prices of course, the company has created a series of incentives and add-ons. For example, a 4th generation 20GB iPod with a color display costs just $199 and comes with a free dock. The same model with a monochrome screen and the dock costs $169.

You can also choose an iPod Shuffle with either an armband case or an external battery pack for just $49, or a 2GB Nano with free lanyard headphones for $169. At those prices, they will make great gifts for someone who won’t know the difference between new and not quite new anyways.