MXI Outbacker MXP biometric HDD tough, secure

MXI Outbacker MXP biometric HDD tough, secure


If you’re obsessed with security and need 20GB, 40GB or 60GB of data capacity in your pocket then you may want to look at the new MXI Outbacker MXP biometric hard drive. It’s for people who want much better protection than a password can offer, especially when they are on the go with their data.

The drive is cased in 2mm thick steel and has rubber on all four corners which both act as legs and protect the drive from bumps and drops. Pretty rugged, I’d say.

This obviously isn’t the first biometric hard drive, but it does do some nifty tricks. Up until now, drives have allowed you access to the whole drive with the flash of a thumb. The Outbacker assigns each user their own individual space on the drive which no one else can access without stealing your finger. That means that you can share a drive with co-workers without worries.

You won’t find a drive that is much tougher or more secure, but you also won’t find one that is much more expensive. The MXI Outbacker MXP biometric hard drives start at $500 for 20GB, $600 for 40GB, or $700 for 60GB.