Vertu Constellation hits the FCC wringer

Vertu Constellation hits the FCC wringer


Another offering from Nokia’s super sub-brand is being put through the FCC wringer, and like all those before it, it doesn’t offer much as far as functionality, but if approved, will come with a rather hefty price tag. The Vertu Constellation comes clad with a leather backing and a signature stainless steel label.

Not too much is known about this phone as far as a spec sheet is concerned, but from what we can gather, it’ll run on the Symbian 50 platform and come with a high quality scratch-proof display. Notably missing from the prototype is any kind of camera, which is surprising considering that even the most entry-level of handsets comes with a picture taker these days.

A formal announcement is expected in the next few weeks for this follow-up to the Ascent collection from Vertu, but unless you’ve got a blinging bankroll, you won’t be all that interested in picking this up anyways.