Samsung starts producing 8Gb NAND flash memory device

Samsung starts producing 8Gb NAND flash memory device


No moving parts? Check. Super small form factor? Check. Loads of storage? Check. Looks like Samsung Electronics has all the bases covered with their latest NAND flash memory device, an 8 gigabit chip based on 60-nanometer process technology, reportedly the smallest used today.

Just to avoid any kind of confusion, let’s go back a bit to your basic computer course. There are 8 bits to every byte, so what Samsung has produced here is an 8 gigabit chip, yes, but to the rest of us, that means that is “merely” one gigabyte of storage.

Fret not, however, because a vertical stack of four 8 gigabit “dies” makes for a 4GB package, and two of these packages are paired together to make an 8 gigabyte storage solution. This total package can easily be integrated into cell phones, MP3 players, and the like.

Memory expansion has been fast and steady, with Samsung doubling the density growth every 12 months, in accordance to the company’s New Memory Growth Model. The plan is to have these new flash memory chips ready for use by the third quarter of this year, with the expectation of its implementation in Samsung’s moviNAND high-density MLC NAND following shortly afterwards.